Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google way to find a Job - Bit of Google More of Intelligence !

Which are the most common words that we have used/listen/read in recent times (apart from Politics and IPL)???

Fired!! Sacked!! Pink Slip!! No Jobs!!! No Vacancy!! Lay-off !!

But then there’s Google also to help us negate the effect of these words, and also there are ways and means of getting a dream job even in today’s No-Jobs scenario by using the information available thru Google!!

Following are the 3 ways that I used to follow whenever I was looking for a New Job. I don’t know whether this will get you the dream job or not, but this will help you to create every possible opportunity for you to get a dream job. Also will understand the entire Business Economy of your region, because you know all the companies, their business model etc. This information will help you in your work also i.e. If you are working in Corporate Sales then you know whom to contact for your products/services. My idea for the write this blog is to make students understand that by being bit PROACTIVE how easy is to get a dream job.
This will show certain skills of yours which are extremely essential and most of the Employers look for: Proactiveness, Market Research and Analysis, and Knowledge of Current Affairs, Business Acumen, Positive Attitude, and Confidence!!!

1. Directly Contacting Companies!
2. Placement Consultant
3. Jobs Portal and Social Media

Directly Contacting Companies !!

1.Go to Google and Search for “STPI Gandhinagar”
2.Search for “operational Units” in STPI Gandhinagar site.
3.You will get a list of 172 operational units registered with STPI Gandhinagar
4.Now select the 1st company in the list “E-Infochips Ltd” and Google it to find their website.
5.Kindly spend some time to understand the E-infochips’s product/service offerings and value proposition.
6.Create a spreadsheet to manage the database and track your progress. Put in as much information as possible about the organization i.e. Company Name, Description, Management Team, Contacts, Website, Emails, Address, and Comments etc.
7.Again go to the STPI Gandhinagar website to collect the information about rest of the 171 companies.
8.Repeat the same process to collect the information from the companies.
9.Now you have list of all the IT companies registered in Gujarat. With bit of knowledge on they offerings, Value propositions, Management team and contact details.
10.Now prepare a very good CV which reflects your personality and the things that you can learn and do in future.
11.Prepare a good cover later customized for different companies. Put a line “ I would like to have a positive conversation with you about the possible opportunities”
12.Now send individual emails to each company.
13.Mention all the information in the spreadsheet i.e. Sent email to this “E-Infochips on 13th May. Need to follow up/call on 16th May”
14.When you try to call up any company, most of the times Receptionists will ask you the reason for the call. Tell them confidently that this call is regarding the recruitment. Once you get a chance to interact with any HR professional then tell him/her that whether they have checked your CV or not. Kindly request them to check it if they haven’t. Introduce yourself to them on your Educational Background, what you have done and what you can do, and the kind of value you can bring to that organization (You already have the bit of knowledge about that organization, so always try to talk according to their requirements/terminology/vertical/industry. Also tell them about the techniques you are using to get a Job. This will show certain skills of yours which are extremely essential and most of the Employers look for: Proactiveness, Market Research, and Knowledge of Current Affairs, Business Acumen, Positive Attitude, and Confidence!!!
15.Mention the feedback that you got in the spreadsheet and try to follow up them again after 3-4 days to track the progress.
16.By this way you are proactively creating opportunities for you. Also you are getting to know what kind of Business different companies are doing. This knowledge will really help to find the job that you are looking for whenever you want.
17.Repeat the same process what you are doing for IT companies for other Verticals i.e. Manufacturing, Pharmatueticals, Textiles, Diamonds, Auto Ancillary, Management Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Media-PR organizaitons, BPOs, KPOs etc.

Placement Consultants !!

1.Their job is to give you the job.
2.They have thousand’s of Jobs/opportunities with them, but just they are looking for the right candidates.
3.How about you proactively telling them kind of the jobs you are looking for? In Ahmedabad there are at least 20 very good placement consultants (S T Shah, Team lease, Ma Foi etc.) are available. Why don’t you leverage them to get your dream job?
4.Repeat the same process which you did for finding out the companies for Placement Consultant. Again maintain all the information regarding your interaction with them in the spreadsheet.
5.Make good relationship with them, suggest your friends to them and see how proactively they will help you to get your dream job.

Job Portals and Social Media !!

1.Create your profiles in all the major job portals i.e.,,,, and etc.
2.Create your profiles in all the major social/professional networking sites i.e.,,,, etc.
3.Create a detailed profile of yours to show Employers on what you have done and more importantly what you can do.
4.Mention details of your interaction with companies referred by these sites. Track your progress rigorously and surely you will get your Dream Job!!

I have always used following techniques to get a dream job. Whenever I wanted to change the Job I had always 1st left the current job and they searched for the future job. I knew that I had the Google with me, and most importantly how I was going to use the information provided by Google! Probably this is why I was able to get the Job in 3 completely different companies, my each job profile was quite different from the other jobs that I have done. Most importantly all my 3 employers were happy with my work and proactive efforts.
Also in my 4th endeavor, Point10 Solutions, company which I founded with my close friend Hiren, I am just following the Google ways to promote/execute our business.

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